Jeff Lawver (Making a Difference Series)

Jeff Lawver

There was this kid in my neighborhood, Jeff, who was the little brother of a good friend of mine, Christine, and he really liked to annoy us. So when Jeff grew up, he bought a house in the same neighborhood and he still annoys me sometimes (on purpose) when I visit my hometown.  Some things never change so I give him a hard time back. But first, I give him a big hug when I see him. Because Jeff has proved himself to be one of the really good guys—and a friend I truly cherish.

Jeff and his sisters, Christine and Crystal

Jeff is the guy who pulled my daughter out of a ditch when she got stuck visiting her grandma. Before my mom passed away, Jeff would beat the ambulance there when she needed help. And even though we lived several states away, Jeff, offered to drive a truck with a trailer down to help us move.

He’s the neighbor most people would love to have. If you’re stuck in snow, or your car breaks down, Jeff will help you. He bought food for an ailing, elderly lady in the neighborhood when her refrigerator was empty, and when she was going to be evicted, Jeff, paid her house payment so she could stay. He’s not a rich guy, so that put a strain on him financially, but he did it anyway. Every year, Jeff and his wife, Karen hold a block party and invite everyone in the neighborhood so the friendships continue. People there still look out for one another, and Jeff’s leading the charge.

Jeff hosting a neighborhood block party

Jeff’s never been afraid to voice his opinions, and they don’t always match mine. (We have to agree to disagree until he figures out I’m right. LOL.) But in truth, I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t have a friend like him, because he’s the best kind, always willing to give you a hand. And since I’m writing posts about everyday people who make a difference, he quickly came to mind, because of everything he’s done and continues to do for his neighbors and friends. So I want to say thank you, Jeff Lawver, for being a terrific friend, a wonderful neighbor, and an incredible person. Christine would be proud of you!

Jeff’s advice: “Respect others like you want to be respected.”


Here’s what others have to say about Jeff:

Jeff is a generous kind-hearted man with a bit of sass. He has been there for our children in every way sitting for hours at wrestling tournament with our sons, Brandon and Dalton, and helping our daughter, Sara, on quizzes. He donates money and time to good causes and helps strangers on the side of the road. He will help out anyone at anytime…within reason. Karen Lawver


Jeff is an awesome person always willing to help people who would give you the shirt off his back. We love Jeff. Joey Buckrop and Kim Vroman

Jeff and his wife Karen


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