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You could win assorted prizes including a $50 gift card from Amazon and a copy of my newly released book, FEARLESS!

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I just released my newest book, Fearless!!! It’s available at Amazon now. To celebrate I’m having a book launch party and giving away some awesome prizes. Just go to my facebook author page @ and like my page to enter the drawing to WIN one of my books. Then Thursday, May 17th, is my launch party from 1pm to 9pm CST. So revisit my page and play the game to enter to WIN the $50 Amazon gift card. Then click the link on my page and join the CIAN Readers Club for a second chance to WIN the Amazon gift card and to enter the contests going on all day where you could WIN lots of great prizes like these.

The authors Jenny Moews, Precarious Yates, Samantha Lovern, and Heather Taylor will also be at my launch party in the Readers Club giving away their books so don’t miss it.

Cover by Art4Artists

Hi, everyone. My newest book, Fearless, is finally finished. Woohoo!

Now, I’m trying to get an Amazon Press Publishing Contract. Amazon lets the public help decide who gets a contract so I could really use your help. Just follow the link to take a look at Fearless, and if you think that you or someone you know would like it–nominate it.

If Amazon chooses to publish Fearless, everyone who nominated it will get a FREE Kindle book.  Thank you so much for helping!!!

WooHoo. Tomorrow, Friday, December 15th is national free shipping day with over 800 stores participating and most guaranteeing delivery by Christmas.  Barnes & Noble is one of them, but you can check them all out here.

What a great time to make a book purchase.

If you’ve been looking for a wonderful gift for a child, consider a book like my new children’s picture book, Silly Dogs available now at Barnes & Noble.

cover by Art 4 Artists

For every preschooler, and all ages who love dogs. Silly Dogs will make you smile! Dogs large and small are pictured with a rhyming theme that teaches about the attention dogs require.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!





(Drumroll) Ta, ta, ta.  I now have a cover for my newest project…a children’s picture book, called Silly Dogs.

cover by Art 4 Artists

I love the new cover. I think it goes well with the inside… a cuteness overload. Silly Dogs will be available soon on Amazon…just in time to have it for Christmas.

This is the book description: For every preschooler (and all ages) who love dogs… Silly Dogs will make you smile. Dogs large and small are pictured with a rhyming theme that teaches about the attention dogs require.

I’m really thrilled about the upcoming release of Silly Dogs. What better reward for an author than to help to open the eyes of a child to the joy books can provide.



 Have you ever wanted to write a book?

If you have, don’t miss the WRITE A BOOK WORKSHOP. Saturday, September 16th, at 2 pm at Novel Idea Bookstore, 1400 Neidringhaus Granite City.

Terri Luckey, author of the Kayndo series will share what she’s learned about writing, researching, and publishing a book.  After the workshop, Terri will be available to answer questions and sign her books.

Jeff Lawver

There was this kid in my neighborhood, Jeff, who was the little brother of a good friend of mine, Christine, and he really liked to annoy us. So when Jeff grew up, he bought a house in the same neighborhood and he still annoys me sometimes (on purpose) when I visit my hometown.  Some things never change so I give him a hard time back. But first, I give him a big hug when I see him. Because Jeff has proved himself to be one of the really good guys—and a friend I truly cherish.

Jeff and his sisters, Christine and Crystal

Jeff is the guy who pulled my daughter out of a ditch when she got stuck visiting her grandma. Before my mom passed away, Jeff would beat the ambulance there when she needed help. And even though we lived several states away, Jeff, offered to drive a truck with a trailer down to help us move.

He’s the neighbor most people would love to have. If you’re stuck in snow, or your car breaks down, Jeff will help you. He bought food for an ailing, elderly lady in the neighborhood when her refrigerator was empty, and when she was going to be evicted, Jeff, paid her house payment so she could stay. He’s not a rich guy, so that put a strain on him financially, but he did it anyway. Every year, Jeff and his wife, Karen hold a block party and invite everyone in the neighborhood so the friendships continue. People there still look out for one another, and Jeff’s leading the charge.

Jeff hosting a neighborhood block party

Jeff’s never been afraid to voice his opinions, and they don’t always match mine. (We have to agree to disagree until he figures out I’m right. LOL.) But in truth, I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t have a friend like him, because he’s the best kind, always willing to give you a hand. And since I’m writing posts about everyday people who make a difference, he quickly came to mind, because of everything he’s done and continues to do for his neighbors and friends. So I want to say thank you, Jeff Lawver, for being a terrific friend, a wonderful neighbor, and an incredible person. Christine would be proud of you!

Jeff’s advice: “Respect others like you want to be respected.”


Here’s what others have to say about Jeff:

Jeff is a generous kind-hearted man with a bit of sass. He has been there for our children in every way sitting for hours at wrestling tournament with our sons, Brandon and Dalton, and helping our daughter, Sara, on quizzes. He donates money and time to good causes and helps strangers on the side of the road. He will help out anyone at anytime…within reason. Karen Lawver


Jeff is an awesome person always willing to help people who would give you the shirt off his back. We love Jeff. Joey Buckrop and Kim Vroman

Jeff and his wife Karen


If you have someone you’d like to nominate to be one of the people featured in a post about everyday people making a difference, contact me.


Terri Luckey is the fiction author of the Kayndo series. Discover why so many readers say they will love these books for life. Click on the page tab for her books to learn more.



Tami Swearingen

In my ‘Making a Difference’ blog series, I highlight everyday people that make a difference in the lives of others.

Tami Swearingen was nominated this week by her friend, Brenda McGowan because as she said, “Tami has a good, caring heart.”

Tami Swearingen is currently working to raise the funds to restore the sunken gardens and pillars in Central Park in Alliance, Nebraska. You can learn more about this project on her facebook page at pillars for the park.


Tami is also very involved in ‘Dobby’s Kids’. They help with Dobby’s Frontier Town, in Alliance, Nebraska and volunteer to do many other functions in the community.

So we’d like to recognize and thank Tami Swearingen for making a difference in the lives of others.


If you have someone you’d like to nominate to be one of the people featured in a post about everyday people making a difference, contact me.


Terri Luckey is the fiction author of the Kayndo series. Discover why so many readers say they will love these books for life. Click on the page tab for her books to learn more.





In this blog series, I want to feature everyday people who go out of their way to make a difference but rarely receive credit. But until some of you nominate people, I’ll have to pick on my family and friends who make an impact in other people’s lives. So the first post in my series is about my oldest brother, Mike Luckey.

Mike Luckey works at the Rock Island Arsenal, and for the past 24 years, he’s also been a union officer/steward who fights for the rights of employees and tries to ensure they have a safe working environment. Mike has always stood up for people’s safety. Even as a kid, he’d threaten to hurt anyone who hurt his sister. Mike is loyal to his family, friends, and ideals, and he is one of the people who inspired the loyalty many of my characters display in my books. I’m certain the employees at the Rock Island Arsenal are glad that Mike is in their corner.

So I’d like to acknowledge and thank Mike for the difference you have made in the lives of everyone who is privileged enough to know you. And since Monday is your birthday, I’d also like to say Happy Birthday!

What advice would you give to others about life?

“Study hard, learn hard, work hard, but don’t forget to play hard.” Mike Luckey

Mike’s family and friends share how he’s helped them.

Some people understand the principle, ‘you reap what you sow’. That’s why they go above and beyond what’s expected! They are anything but average and in some terms a hero. That defines Mike Luckey! Mike and I have been friends for over thirty-five years. Not only has Mike been a great friend to me, but also my husband. For instance, Mike helped my husband (Kris Beard) with the application/resume process at The Rock Island Arsenal. Kris worked with Mike for several years after they hired him. Unfortunately, my husband passed away in 2006 and Mike wrote a beautiful eulogy and has helped keep his memory alive all these years. My children love hearing stories about their dad and Mike always has one to tell. Also, he has always been around to help guide my children through their teenage years. For example, Mike helped my son apply for an internship at the Arsenal and wrote a beautiful letter of recommendation that helped my daughter get accepted to the Shedd Aquarium Marine Biology program. I could go on and on about all the great things he does for everyone, through helping his union, organizing fundraisers, being very involved in politics, to being an overall great family man. Mike has three children that he has raised and a fabulous wife that has stood by his side for many years! There aren’t many guys out there like Mike Luckey! That is why I would like him to be recognized as a truly amazing person!” Sherry Beard


“My dad has helped me with many achievements in my life, including the purchasing of my first house and car that I love and am thankful for every day!” Kristin Luckey


“Uncle Mike has helped family and friends with our resumes, taxes, and home and electrical projects. He is also the perfect person to catch a Bears game with (unless they are losing!) Nevertheless, you can always count on him for a good laugh.” Amber Koehler


If you have someone you’d like to nominate to be one of the people featured in these posts about everyday people making a difference contact me.

Terri Luckey is the fiction author of the Kayndo series. Discover why so many readers say they will love these books for life. Check out her book page to learn more at

I have been fortunate enough to have lots of family and friends who have enriched my life. These everyday people are the ones who inspire my writing. I’ve received plenty of press during my writing career, but these people seldom get the credit due them. So this Friday, I’m starting a new blog series where I’ll be sharing posts about everyday people who make a difference in other people’s lives. If you know someone who you’d like to have featured in one of my blog posts, contact me, and I’ll add them to my list. And make sure to sign up to receive my posts here.

I need a name for a puppy. On facebook this week, I asked all my friends and several of my groups to help me choose between four different puppies since my character, Gina, finds an unwanted mutt in a storm drain, and I needed to describe him in the book I’m finishing up, “Fearless, Fallen & Forgotten.” I got a ton of responses and the vote was very close, but puppy #1 won, so here’s what Gina’s puppy will look like in my newest book.

Many of you commented that this little guy looked more like a mutt than some of the others. I agree, so I think he’s a great choice. I want to thank all of you who participated and voted for a puppy, but now I have to name him. Since you did such a great job with choosing him, I thought you might want to help me put a name to that adorable face. But this time, to make it even more fun, I thought I’d hold a contest.

If you suggest the name that I end up using, you could win a prize. If more than one person offers the same name of the one I select, then I’ll do a drawing for the winner. I was going to give away a book, but since some of you already have them I decided to let whoever wins pick between a $10 Amazon Gift Card or a signed copy of one of my books.

I need a great name and I know you’ll come up with one. Thanks again for all your participation and support. You can comment below or on my facebook page. And if you haven’t registered on my site or followed me on facebook, please do, so I can contact you if you win.  🙂