“Kayndo: Ring of Death was one of my favorite reads of the year! Entirely engaging! Be prepared to keep the book by your side until you’ve finished!” – Precarious Yates

After wars burned their world, sixteen-year-old Dayvee has only his knife and chakram to survive the clan’s training, the wilderness, and threats like mountain lions…but his malicious training leader, Nero is out for blood. His hatred will test Dayvee’s resolve, courage, and friendships. But even deeper trouble than Nero brews in the kingdom of Taluma and a Kayndo–an animal master–may need to rise to defeat it.


“You did it again Terri! You pulled me in to the Calupi story and kept me there. It was so hard to put this book down! I’d wake up in the middle of the night and read a chapter!

In book two tension runs high. Dayvee must prove himself a leader and protect the Vita from threats, but some plan to kill him before he can. He’ll need to journey to Taluma’s capital to turn the wolf companion he loves over to the prince. Despair looms, but he has a duty to fulfill.


“Terri Luckey is a master at crafting fictional cultures. Her depth of detail and intense plots will impact you long after you close the book. Days later, I miss spending time with her characters.” – Nadine Brandes

In book 3, of the Kayndo series every path is difficult.
The invaders are coming and…
Stevee must decide whom he can trust.
Dayvee must learn whether he can be Kayndo without his gifts. Logan must choose whether to betray his kingdom.
Elayni must figure out whether Dayvee is worth waiting for. Brando must pick which of his family he will keep safe. The choices are tough. The wrong path will be deadly. The pack will change. Don’t miss the thrilling conclusion to the Kayndo series!

Silly Dogs

For every preschooler (and all ages) who love dogs… Silly Dogs will make you smile. Dogs large and small are pictured with a rhyming theme that teaches about the attention dogs require.


Fearless is perfect for fans of the Kingsman movies, the Alex Rider series, or anyone who would enjoy a story with riveting action, plot twists, intriguing characters, a love interest, and ties to today’s headlines.

Those who fight alone, lose.
Terrorists are recruiting kids. To stop them, the government enlists teens no one will suspect of aiding authorities—delinquents. Derrick’s trained his entire life to join his CIA father in the field. Framed as a traitor, his dad flees leaving his seventeen-year-old son a ward of the state. If the government calls off the manhunt for his dad, Derrick’s willing to infiltrate the terrorist groups. He’ll endanger himself, but can he risk the lives of Gina and his friends at Fallentier group home?