Write a Book Workshop

Aug 24,2017 | Terri Luckey


 Have you ever wanted to write a book?

If you have, don’t miss the WRITE A BOOK WORKSHOP. Saturday, September 16th, at 2 pm at Novel Idea Bookstore, 1400 Neidringhaus Granite City.

Terri Luckey, author of the Kayndo series will share what she’s learned about writing, researching, and publishing a book.  After the workshop, Terri will be available to answer questions and sign her books.

2 thoughts on “Write a Book Workshop”

  1. Zack Evans says:

    I never imagined myself writing a book until just a couple years ago. Now I have a burning desire to write not just A book, but multiple. I have the ideas and the creatively but thank God for editors. Do I just need to show up or do I need some sort of confirmation?

    1. admin says:

      Just show up, Zack. I look forward to meeting you.

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